Complaint or Commendation Form

Report a complaint or commendation about a Berwyn Heights Police Officer.

Please complete as much information as possible.  In order to make sure your accessiblilty needs are being met, such as sign language interpertation or help completing this form please contact the BHPD Investigative Services Section directly at 301-474-6554

Complaint Process Information:
Complaints should be filed as soon as possible after the incident. Delays in filing a complaint can seriously hamper an investigation since, as time passes, evidence may be lost, personal memory of the incident may diminish and witnesses may become hard to locate. Note that Maryland law requires that complaints about police brutality and excessive force be filed within 366 days of the incident unless the BHPD Investigative Services Section [BHPDISS] determines the need for immediate investigation.  Complaints are forwarded for investigation by BHPDISS to the appropriate command.  Office of the Chief of Police monitors all investigations.  If a crime has been alleged, BHPDISS contacts the Prince George's County State's Attorney. The State's Attorney determines if criminal charges should be filed.  The investigator assigned to your complaint will contact you. During investigation, statements will be taken from you, from witnesses and from the accused employee. All reasonable leads will be pursued. Investigations are confidential until finalized; no participant – including complainants, witnesses, investigators and employees – will disclose any information about the case until the investigation concludes. There is no time limit for completion of investigation of a complaint as the complexity of the case determines the amount of time to complete the investigation. All investigations are completed as soon as possible. Investigations of police officers are governed by Maryland law, and certain procedures must be followed. The investigator will update the complainant on the status of the case.

The BHPDISS issues final approval of completed cases. Complainants are notified by mail of the outcome of the case. Maryland law does not allow us to share the outcome of about how an employee is disciplined.

**Citizens are reminded that complaints of excessive Force must be made within 366 days and that all complaints of Excessive Force, Discourtesy, or Harassment must be put in writing and sworn to under the penaltly of perjury. [ Member of the BHPD Investigative Services Section and or Police Clerk can notarize these complaints.]  **Making a false statement, report or complaint is punishable by a fine and or six months imprisonment, or both. Knowingly making a false statement or complaint about police personnel is a serious matter. Complainants who knowingly make false statements or complaints may be held responsible, criminally, civilly and punitively. **

**The BHPD Investigative Services Section only accepts complaints and commendations for the Berwyn Heights Police Department**

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Incident Information
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