Code Compliance Department

The Code Compliance Department guards the health, safety and wellbeing of Town residents through the enforcement of property, building and environmental regulations as set forth in the ordinances of the Town of Berwyn Heights and Prince George’s County, as well as in state and federal law. Code Compliance Officers survey the Town on a regular basis, including after hours and weekends, to ensure that community standards are met and that Berwyn Heights remains a desirable place to live.


  1. Property Standards: Code Compliance performs daily patrols of the Town to monitor residential and commercial properties for code violations, such as litter, junk, tall grass, unregistered and inoperable vehicles, parking on unpaved surfaces, loud noise, poorly-maintained or illegally-built houses, additions, sheds and other structures.

  2. Rental Licenses: The Department administers a comprehensive program of rental housing licensing and inspections to ensure safe and sanitary living conditions for all Town residents. Our standards are adopted from the Prince George’s County Code and the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. To operate a rental property in Berwyn Heights you must have and maintain a Town Rental License.

  3. Building Permits: The Department issues a Town of Berwyn Heights building permit after a Prince George’s County permit has been obtained. Buildings under construction are monitored for compliance with the specifications of the Prince George’s County-issued permit and building codes, generally.

  4. Zoning Matters: The Department monitors properties for zoning violations as set forth in Prince George’s County‘s Zoning Ordinances. It represents the Town at zoning hearings and makes recommendations on zoning variances to the Prince George’s County Board of Zoning Appeals.

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