About Town Government

Core Governmental Functions


  • Personnel includes the Town Manager, Town Treasurer, Town Clerk, and Administrative Assistants.

  • Implements the Town Council’s policy decisions and manages the Town’s day-to-day operations.

  • Drafts and implements the operating and capital budgets for the General Fund and the Public Safety Taxing District.

  • Drafts legislation such as Ordinances and Resolutions, and maintains the Town’s archives.

  • Acts as a liaison to community organizations, other municipalities, the Prince George’s County government, as well as the State of Maryland and the Federal government.

  • Responsibility for billing, revenue collection, procurement, and employee benefits.

  • Coordinates the annual audit and its filing with the State of Maryland.

  • Communicates with residents and businesses and resolves concerns and complaints.

Code Compliance:

  • Facilitates compliance with Town Ordinances to enhance property values and preserve the characteristics that make Berwyn Heights a desirable place to live, work, and play:

    • 101: Animals (with Police)

    • 104: Building & Inspection

    • 107: Residential Clean Lot (property maintenance)

    • 120: Licensing of Rental Housing

    • 134: Commercial Clean Lot (property maintenance)

  • Ensures fair and equitable administration and enforcement of ordinances through daily Town patrols to address code violations at commercial and residential property.

  • Administers the rental housing licensing and inspections program.

  • Reviews and approves all permits applications for residential and commercial construction.

  • Manages the Call-a-Bus program.

Public Works:

  • Provides curbside collection of refuse, recycling, yard waste, and bulk items like appliances.

  • Responds to inclement weather events like snow storms and flooding.

  • Facilitates compliance with Town Ordinances:

    • 117: Refuse Ordinance

    • 119: Construction in the Town Right-of-Way

  • Responsibility for maintaining infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter, road signs, and vegetation and trees in the Town’s right-of-way), and facilities including the Town Office, Town Center, Public Works Yard, and Town parks and green spaces.

  • Provides set-up/break-down services for Town-sponsored events.

  • Abates Ordinance violations when necessary.


  • Provides 24/7 enforcement of local, State, and Federal laws in order to preserve the peace and protect life and property.

  • The 8 full-time police officers compose the patrol division and the investigative division, with jurisdiction covering residential and commercial property.

  • Facilitates compliance with Town Ordinances:

    • 101: Animals (with Code)

    • 119: Traffic and Parking

    • 149: Speed Cameras

    • 153: Noise

  • Conducts house checks to deter crimes from occurring.

  • Develops community partnerships with citizens, businesses, local organizations, as well as partner law enforcement agencies at the municipal, State, and Federal levels of government.