How to File Animal Complaints

The following options are available to Town residents for making complaints about animals:

1) If the animal appears to be an immediate threat to the health and safety of any person, call 9-1-1.

2) Concerns regarding the humane treatment of animals, or public nuisance animals (barking, running at-large) may be directed to the Code Compliance office at (301) 513-9331, or via the on-line request form at Provide as much detailed information as possible: type of animal, physical condition, location, time and nature of the incident or concern. You may submit your report anonymously. A Code officer will generally conduct an inspection within 48 hours. The Code Compliance officer may attempt to resolve the matter through notice and education; through citation and enforcement; or may refer the matter to Prince George’s County Animal Control.

3) Concerns regarding the humane treatment of animals or public nuisance animals may also be submitted directly to the Prince George’s County Animal Control Field Services, at (301) 780-7200 or They will respond within 24-48 hours to reports in the following order:

  • Emergency (injured animal, vicious dog);
  • Priority (captured strays, animal in a trap);
  • Routine (at-large animals, barking dogs)

A County Animal Control officer will investigate the situation and contact you if they need further information (though they will also take anonymous complaints). They will attempt to contact someone on the premises with the animal, leaving a notice on the door if no one is available. Any investigation by County authorities will be handled in accordance with County law.