Monday, August 14, 2023 - 7:00pm

Call to Order
Approval of the Agenda

1. Mayor
a. Announcements (5 minutes)
b. Calendar (5 minutes)
c. Dates for ARPA Listening Session(s) (5 minutes)
d. Funding Request for BHES Garden (10 minutes)
e. Monthly Reports by Department Directors Discussion (10 minutes)
f. UMD Good Neighbor Day Service Projects (Oct. 21st) (10 minutes)
g. ARPA Budget Amendment Discussion (30 minutes)
h. Resident Comments

2. Administration (5 minutes)
a. Town Parking Issues and Permitting (10 minutes)

3. Code Compliance (5 minutes)

4. Parks, Recreation, Education, and Civic Affairs (5 minutes)
a. Rec Council Elections and Appointment of New Members (10 minutes)

5. Public Safety (5 minutes)

6. Public Works (5 minutes)

7. Adjournment