Recreational Facilities

The Town of Berwyn Heights has many recreational facilities and programs, including playgrounds, athletic fields, and two nearby parks. An active Recreation Council works with all Town organizations to host community events and celebrations throughout the year. In addition, the Berwyn Heights Elementary School and Community Center sponsor a number of recreational programs: from talent shows to educational gardening, from winter basketball to summer camp.

Sports Park (Berwyn Road & Ruatan Street)
Located next to the Indian Creek Trail, Sports Park features a combination soccer/baseball field, a field hockey rink, and a concession stand. The park was constructed by Berwyn Heights residents in the 1960s and later turned over to the Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) for upgrades and maintenance. The Boys & Girls Club uses the field extensively for league games and practices.

Indian Creek T-Ball field (56th Avenue & Seminole Street)
This small athletic field is located not far from Sports Park next to the Indian Creek Trail. The Boys & Girls Club uses this field to run T-ball practices and games for younger children.

Indian Creek Playground (56th Avenue & Seminole Street)
This Indian-themed playground is located next to the Indian Creek Trail. It is used as one of the meeting places of the Berwyn Heights Playgroup.

Pop's Park Playground (Cunningham Drive/60th Avenue & Quebec Street)
Named after former Commissioner and Fire Chief Pop Hudgins, this playground is in the middle of the Town. It has a variety of play equipment and a picnic area and is used by the Berwyn Heights Playgroup as a regular meeting place.

Berwyn Heights Elementary School Fields (6200 Pontiac Street)
This combination soccer/baseball field is part of the school grounds and is used for recess during school hours. After hours, it serves as a venue for Boys & Girls Club soccer league games and practices. The school grounds also include a basketball and tennis court on the opposite side of the school building.

Berwyn Heights Community Center (6200 Pontiac Street, 301-345-2808)
This M-NCPPC facility features an indoor basketball court and gym. During weekdays, the school uses it for sports. After hours, it is used for basketball league games, teen programs, camps and community events.

Town Center (8603 57th Avenue, 301-474-5000) 
A former fire station, the Town Center is now used by Town organizations and residents for meetings and events. The 1st floor has a Senior Center and conference room, while the 2nd floor is available to Town residents for party rentals. It also serves as a venue for official meetings and community events.

Lake Artemesia (55th Avenue & Berwyn Road, 301-627-7755)
This beautiful park is located just south of Berwyn Heights and is part of M-NCPPC's Anacostia Trails system The trails link the stream valley parks of the Anacostia River and its tributaries with hiker/biker trails. Lake Artemesia has hiking trails, including the Luther Goldman Birding Trail, fishing piers and a park service station. In the summer, boating lessons are offered.

Greenbelt Park (6565 Greenbelt Rd, 301-344-3944)
This national park 5 minutes east of Berwyn Heights features hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a camp site. The perimeter trail can be used for riding.