Public Hearings

public hearing on purple background with Town Seal

On April 10, 2024 at 7PM the Town Council of the Town of Berwyn Heights will be holding Public Hearings on the following:

a. Proposed Tax Rate
b. Ordinance 113 (amended) Town Organizations
c. Ordinance 190: 57th Ave Property Donation
d. Ordinance 191: General Fund Budget
e. Ordinance 192: Public Safety Taxing District
f. Ordinance 189B: ARPA Budget Amendment

These hearings are open to the public and comment is encouraged.
The hearings will be part of the regularly scheduled Town Meeting held in Council Chambers at 5700 Berwyn Road.  
Persons may also comment by emailing Town Clerk, Melanie Friesen at or calling 301-474-9570 during the meeting.