2024 Town Council Election Results

results of town elections

Tally of the results from the 2024 Town Council Election

Mayor: Tiffany Papanikolas

Mayor Pro Tem: Edgar Moctezuma

Councilmember: David Wolfinger

Councilmember: Roger Gaines

Councilmember: Chris Brittan-Powell 

Statement of results:

Chris Brittan-Powell received 95 votes.
Roger Gaines received 100 votes.
David Wolfinger received 119 votes.
Mark Matthews received 88 votes.
Edgar Moctezuma received 156 votes
Tiffany Papanikolas received 178 votes.
Helen Weinrich received 68 votes.

Non-Binding Ballot Questions (Advisory Questions)
Ballot Question 1: Shall the Town Council explore moving the election to a day that will consistently fall after Berwyn Heights Day to allow for the possibility of early voting on Berwyn Heights Day, held the first Saturday in May? 193 in favor/ 36 opposed
Question 2: Shall the Town Council explore allowing 16-17 year-olds to vote in Town elections? 124 in favor/106 opposed.
Ballot Question 3: Shall the Town Council explore allowing residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in town elections? 132 in favor/ 94 opposed.
Ballot Question 4: Shall the Town Council explore issuing debt to fund future capital improvement projects? 125 in favor/101 opposed.