About Business

The Town of Berwyn Heights appreciates existing businesses and welcomes new businesses to our community.

The Berwyn Heights commercial district is located primarily along Greenbelt Road (Route 193), with several industrial businesses extending off Greenbelt Road along Branchville Road and Ballew Avenue. Businesses located within Berwyn Heights municipal boundaries must have a Town-issued business license, and are subject to Town real property and personal property taxes.

Town businesses benefit from around the clock police protection, including a detective with Secret Service certification, and other Town services. Businesses help defray the cost of one Town police officer by way of a special Public Safety Taxing District. The Commercial District Management Authority, an association representing the interests of Berwyn Heights business owners, approves the budget for the Public Safety Taxing District.

In order to maintain the Town’s quality of life and to ensure that the commercial district is a welcoming destination for customers, businesses located in the Town are subject to regulations governing property maintenance, noise levels and parking set forth in Town ordinances. The Town’s Code Compliance Department monitors commercial and residential properties for code violations on a daily basis, including weekends. Zoning authority rests with Prince George’s County, and specifics about zoning regulations can be obtained from the Prince George’s County Planning Department.

Town staff is happy to answer any questions business owners may have about operating in Berwyn Heights, or those businesses looking to relocate in the Town.

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