Rental Housing Lead-Free Certificate Required

All rental properties built before 1978 must be registered with the State of Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). Registration requires a tracking number, completing application, and obtaining a LEAD-FREE INSPECTION CERTIFICATE. To obtain a tracking number please call MDE at 410-537-4199, or 800-776-2706.

The annual registration fee is $30.00 per unit.

Rental properties built after 1977 that have passing lead free inspection certificate are exempt from registering.

If you are currently registered, a renewal form must be completed and a fee must be paid to MDE. To find your tracking number of a copy of your renewal form please call 410-537-4199 or 800-776-2706.

A new lead inspection certificate is required for ay turnover in tenant or change of occupancy.

The State of Maryland Department of Environment manages and enforces this program. The may apply civil and administrative penalties for non-compliance.

For more information, please visit the MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT, LEAD REGISTRATION web page. For a brief overview of new changes to the registry, please review MDE’s LEAD RENTAL PROPERTY REGISTRY UPDATE.